Works in Progress

Oh, how time has flown,

These five years, since your passing.

And yet, much remains

As it was before you left;

Consistently progressing.


Not that you would know;

So invested, as you were,

In the status quo.


Wait! That last harsh barb,

So bitter and unworthy,

Harkens back to grimmer times;

Long buried seething fury.


So, the status quo

Remains beneath the surface

Like long neglected hunger.


I suppose healing

Sojourns can consume lifetimes;

And perhaps, even longer.

A Call For Response

For those of you unfamiliar with the poetic form of Mondo, here is your chance to play! A Mondo is a Sedōka written in two voices. The first voice poses a question of makes a statement in three lines with 5-7-7 syllable count and the second answers or responds in the same form. Each half is called a Katauta.  Many examples may be found at Here is my open. Please feel free to respond in comments. Enjoy!

What makes this viral

Alternating flush and chill

Seem so much worse in summer?