Harsh Transactions

In this business minded world, money is a must.

She will sell herself for someone else’s lust,

And so, will lose herself in a thousand little lies.

Life is not so rosy when seen by jaded eyes.

In time, her soul is lost  to betrayal and mistrust,

And in this vile process, her wounded spirit dies.


with thanks to Sanjeet at https://geosans.wordpress.com

Thanks for the inspiration even if this takes your metaphor in a darker direction.

In Whom To Trust

Phil, in his terror,

From Pennsylvania countryside,

Warned of six more weeks of winter

Then crawled back in his hole to hide.

Now it’s scarcely three weeks later,

And Crocus wants another vote

About the coming of the springtime

And shedding of that winter’s coat.

His small green toes 

thrust from the ground,

Dipped in the snow

And felt around.

Ignoring all those Icy towers

And bitter chills he did not mind,

He hollered to the other flowers,

“Come on out! The weather’s fine!”