Novam Stellam Lembos

Awaiting verdict,

A flutter begins within.

Perhaps this muster

Will prove too lofty a bar?

Oh, be still my doubting heart!


I can see him there,

Standing before his elders,

Bearing scrutiny

Calmly and confidently,

Honor evident within.


Sitting in the dark

After sending him, alone,

Standing tall upon

His merits, not just resting

Upon his laurels,

The warmth of the car is pale

Beside the glow of my pride.


Outcome regardless,

The flare of my love for him

Eclipses the sun!

Reconsidering Strength

Why must we, so often,

Draw lines in the sand

And stick to our guns

Due to honor and pride?

Since when is it weakness

To consider, debate,

And then back away from

Decisions made in haste?

I can’t help but feel

That this kind of strength

Is the worst kind of weakness

We have lurking inside.

Bitter disappointment

And horrible losses

We then label victory?

What a terrible waste!