An Hiatus From Excoriation

In hopeless effort to preserve 

Some last shread of sanity,

A meager sliver of self respect,

Tonight I slough the hair shirt,

Hang my scourge upon it’s hook

And shun the civic dumb show.

Tonight I revel in ignorant bliss,

Neither knowing or caring

Who, on the tube, is the bigger boob!

Pressing Questions

Does America

Want a Gilded King of Queens?

What about that block,

Most used for smoothing splinters?

 Does the White House need

Additional landscaping?

Maybe something soft,

A home for wayward bunnies?

Does the nation need

To writhe and dance in fire?

How about that guy,

The crusty, crummy, cracker?

Do we really need

Arachnine machinations?

Or some random guy

Unlike that old apostle?

Does diplomacy

Need stronger thrusts or parries?

Why not watch reruns

Of old Huckleberry Hound?

Should seeking wisdom

Require neurosurgeons? 

Maybe consider

That fossilized time bider?

Well, why not, she has 

The mountain named already?

D.C.’s nuts enough,

Why add sanatorium?

Ignore the other

Dozen clowns and charlatans.

With all these questions,

One thing’s crystal clear to me,

The coming year will be crazy!