Senses and Senselessness

See those bloody shirts a wave,

lying us the reasons for?

Hear those shiny sabres rattle,

their deathly, hollow, call to war?

Feel the ache of frightened souls,

for whom living’s now a chore?

Taste the bitter widow’s tears

as she greets you at her door

to receive the tragic news

of husband dead on distant shore?

Smell the acrid tangy fumes

of burning corpse and scattered gore

drifting from the battle field;

is that enough or need you more?


On War and Peace

Surely we can find
Better things to do
Then to start a holy war
Over just a word or two.
Who in their right mind
Would really go to war
To maim and kill and die
Over a syllable or four.

We must find a better way
To mediate our deep distress
So that we don’t end our days
Locked in struggles to the death.
Tolerating tolerance is simply not enough,
We must expect acceptance, any less is simply guff.