Charity or Wisdom

Listen Up, you grey old goat!

Your racist ways are history.

Does that hate not sere your throat?

That grossly overt bigotry

never fails to offend



thoughtful men.

But since we’re here within this lodge,

I’ll try to muster up some grace,

abide the precepts of wiser men

and curb my urge to pulp your face.

I’ll maintain regard unconditional

despite your beliefs, so unlovable.

Ageless Wisdom

An unlikely trio

Chatter in language all their own


To us older, wiser souls.

And yet the thought remains,

In whom is wisdom contained?

In them there is joy

Playful, exuberant, free,

And in us there is misery

Waiting on line, at the DMV.

From them, I take my cue;

No matter what the mission be

I can choose boredom’s due,

Or I can choose emotions free.

Fighting Fate

If the deck is surely stacked
Against the common man
And Ragnarök approaches,
When even gods will fall,
Does it truly serve
the prudent, cautious soul,
To plan so carefully
Just to suffer in the chaos?
Or is it simply better to
cast wide both weary arms,
Embrace the rising tide,
And hasten over Bifröst
Into Asgård’s bosom?

In the end, I full expect to share the fate of Odin,
And find myself a feast for crows upon the boughs of Yggdrasil.