Friendship Tree

A series of poems compiled by an excellent poet, photographer, and artist. I am honored to have a poem included.

Poems and Petals

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4 thoughts on “Friendship Tree

  1. Thank you so much, when I receive feedback like this, it has the power to reduce me to tears. Thank you for contributing, we would not have been able to create a friendship tree without everyone’s contributions. Thank you for the reblog!


    • Vonita,
      You have my permission to use my work, as part of your tree, in this and future projects without reserve. I retain all other copywrite to my poem. Now that the legal nicity is out of the way, I would prefer the published name to be my first and last name:
      Andy Garrabrant.
      I know space is limited so if you need to condense it, please condense to:
      Andy G.
      I would appreciate a reference and or link to my blog as well.

      Thank you for offering the tree for public contributions. I enjoyed participating!



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