T.P. Partnership

Transparency, obfuscation,

opacity, deceit.

Get out of the kitchen,

if you can’t stand the heat.

We’re none of us mushrooms

to be sheltered from light.

Most of us, usually,

can tell wrong from right.

A treaty’s no secret

to be hidden from view,

so listen up, you lawyers

you know what to do.

Keeping it secret is simply insane,

Unless us voters won’t reap any gain!

3 thoughts on “T.P. Partnership

  1. You are absolutely right, why should a trade deal be such a secret from the American people…answer, it shouldn’t. All keeping it secret does is make me wonder what they are hiding…could it be that more of our jobs will be outsourced to third world countries, I wonder. Great post.

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    • I’m all in favor of Free Trade if that means “Free Trade”. I suspect, unfortunately, that this is less about trade, free or otherwise, and more about a king-pawn to king 4 move in the administrations ongoing chess game with China.


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